Why Salesforce Is So Successful?


Why Salesforce Is So Successful?


As the largest American cloud computing company, with a market cap of $160 billion, Salesforce is arguably the most successful customer relationship management (CRM) software. In short, they provide ultimate value but let’s take a look at three more reasons why Salesforce is so successful:

Continuous Innovation

In the 20 years since Salesforce first began, they’ve continued to see success after success because they continue to innovate. Salesforce was the first to introduce a cloud-based CRM technology. They launched the first CRM app for the iPhone. Then they started the first Social Collaboration app (Chatter) in the context of a CRM application.

Salesforce also invented AppBuilder, which launched a fully integrated no code/low code, code development ecosystem. This was followed by their revolutionary educational tool Trailhead that helps the industry develop much-needed resources.

And now, the company is introducing AI to its platform to better every customer interaction in the 21st century. When you work with Salesforce, it’s not just about what they can deliver for you today, but what they will keep delivering in the future.

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Seamless Upgrades

Although cloud computing has transformed business operations, it still doesn’t solve upgrade issues. Many cloud-computing vendors still face problems during upgrades, but not Salesforce. Salesforce provides consistent and reliable release cycles where every customer is upgraded to the newest version in a tight window. What’s more, customers can opt-in to new features at their own pace, and new releases don’t break customizations or disrupt APIs. Salesforce’s impeccable track-record means significant cost savings for the end-user since poor upgrades can add major expenses to a project.

A Loyal Community

Salesforce actively encourages a vibrant, loyal community of CRM activists. They monitor social networks and offer online platforms to give a voice to their customers. They enable everyone to collaborate and use Salesforce’s CRM to the best of its ability. Since Salesforce’s cloud-based software is so robust, many companies don’t know how to leverage the CRM’s full potential. However, by cultivating these communities, Salesforce provides its users with the necessary information and support to succeed. For example, every year Salesforce hosts the Dreamforce conference, where people come to network and learn all about the power of Salesforce’s CRM.

The Bottom Line

Specializing in customer relationship management, Salesforce is so successful because they offer an innovative and seamless solution that gives all employees a complete understanding of every customer. This way, businesses can respond faster to customer needs and predict new opportunities to engage. Salesforce allows companies to offer personalized experiences that customers expect and build long-lasting relationships built on trust.

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