Have you ever thought about how getting clients to sign important documents can cost time and money? When you ask someone to sign a document, the old-fashioned way you need to print, sign, scan and then email the document to your client, and then they must do the same. In today’s digital world, there’s no need to waste time and money on signing documents. With Salesforces’ Conga Sign, you’ll give your customers a more accessible, quicker way to sign a contract and seal the deal! Let’s take a closer look at how Conga Sign works and why it will simplify your business!

What is Conga Sign?

Conga Sign is a third-party app found on SalesForce’s AppExchange platform that allows you to send and receive signatures in minutes! What’s more, it automatically stores signed documents in Salesforce, so you don’t have to worry about losing paperwork ever again! With Conga Sign, you can even automate contract execution, track the status of your documents, and easily monitor your customers’ signing progress. It’s that simple to streamline your business process and enhance your customer experience.

With Conga Sign you can:

– Receive secure and legally binding signatures

– Close deals faster – Easily integrate contract data with Salesforce

– Lower the cost of required software

– Monitor your customers’ signing progress

– Leverage five-star customer support

– Draft consistent proposals using the Conga document library

– Send personalized and custom emails

– Collect in-person signatures from any device

Now that you understand how Conga Sign works let’s take a look at why using e-signatures in your business will make you irresistible to customers.

Conga Sign is Fast and Efficient

When you need a document signed, there’s no need to wait longer than a few minutes with Conga Sign. Since Conga Sign is integrated with Salesforce, you can send any important documents straight through your Salesforce CRM system! This allows for faster workflows and enables your business to close more deals! Your employees will also have more time to focus on their tasks and help your business grow instead of wasting time printing documents and chasing customers for signatures.


Conga Sign Lowers Costs and Improves ROI

There’s no need to spend money on printing, copying, scanning, mailing, and storing paper files when you use e-signatures! In fact, a study conducted by AIIM found that 60% of businesses surveyed saw a positive ROI on paperless projects within 12 months, and 77% of companies within 18 months! Conga Sign also integrates flawlessly with Salesforce, so generating and signing documents is easy!


Conga Sign Reduces Risks

You’ll have confidence knowing that documents are securely sent, signed and returned with Conga Sign. No matter the nature of your document, there is an audit trail created each time that records everything that happens to it along with date/time stamps and IP address stamps. Even if your documents are of a legal or private nature when you use Conga Sign for eSignature, documents are tamper-proof! If someone makes a change, the signatures are invalidated. In fact, electronic signatures can guarantee safer transfers and a lower risk of fraud than old-fashioned paper signatures because Conga Sign provides ultimate transparency.


Partner with Arketek

Arketek is a proud partner of Conga, and we want to partner with you! As a full-scale Salesforce consultancy, we can help your company implement Salesforce and any app offered on Salesforces’ AppExchange platform, including Conga Sign. Using Salesforce has so many benefits for your company we can almost write a novel about it, but instead, we’ve written several blog posts! So if you’re looking to improve workflow, maximize profits, and scale your business through the roof, Arketek can help! Contact us today to learn more!