Turn Your Business Into a High Performing Machines With Chatter by Salesforce


Turn Your Business Into a High Performing Machine With Chatter by Salesforce


How would you like to tear down communication barriers and help your business grow and succeed as a team? With Chatter by Salesforce, that’s precisely what you can do. Chatter is the number one enterprise social network that acts as a powerful collaboration software solution. It allows your team to connect and collaborate by sharing files, data, and expertise in real-time.

Chatter also increases productivity, efficiency, and innovation in every department, like sales, marketing, human resources, and management. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at eight more Chatter features that will turn your business into a high-performing machine.

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Connect To Business Processes

If you’re looking to reduce errors while increasing efficiency, then you’ll love Chatter’s ability to connect to business processes. With this feature, you can create support cases, update sales opportunities, and approve project funds as well as connect data and records to internal systems.

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Use Actions

Keep everything organized by taking action directly in the Chatter feed. For instance, you can approve expense reports, generate support cases, update orders, and more. You can also customize actions by integrating third-party apps or even your custom apps with full social and mobile abilities.

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Go Mobile

No matter where you are in the world, you can still post to a group, download a file, or update a sales opportunity! Chatter works from any device, and so do your custom mobile actions.

Increase Engagement

Looking for ways to get your team to participate? Look no further than contribution scores. These scores give employees incentives to join the conversation, and you can highlight key contributors by using the badging and endorsement features.

Create Groups

Groups allow you to structure a discussion or activity. You can create groups for your employees, an event, a new account, or a campaign. Make it private to protest your data and then share files, records, or videos, and even invite customers.

Start A Poll

Evaluate employee opinions on any topic, at any time. Anyone on your team can post a poll about a specific topic to a group for feedback, or connect with the broader organization to measure popular opinions.

Get Recommendations

With Chatter, you don't need to search for information, people, or files. Chatter automatically takes your interests and activities and updates content on subjects, projects, or products. Then the app sends it to your customized feed or profile page.

Find Answers

Gather answers to common questions and structure them in a way that makes it easy for your team to find the information they need. You can also highlight questions about internal processes, projects, products, or any subject that matters to your business.

So there you have it, eight features that will turn your business into a high-performing machine. Are you ready to implement Chatter today? Get in touch with Arketek. We’ll help you develop smart solutions like Chatter to improve how you connect with your customers. So you can make more sales with less work!

Let us help you redefine what's possible.

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