If your business is now operating remotely due to coronavirus, there’s no need to lose momentum. Many successful companies, such as 3M, Amazon, and IBM, allow employees to work from home because it works. But there’s no need to go through this transition alone. Instead, you can depend on a Salesforce consultancy like Arketek to help you! Here are three ways a Salesforce consultancy will help you sell from home: 

Make Sales Processes More Efficient

How efficient is your sales process? Part of a Salesforce consultants job is to improve efficiency in this essential area. For instance, we can build lightning processes and flows with Salesforce that will ultimately automate your sales process. This includes helping you automate communications, quotes, creating follow-up activities, generating proposals and contracts, and integrating email with the Salesforce CRM. As a Salesforce consultancy, we work with you to figure out the best processes to support your team then we create a solution that leverages everything you need to keep sales up even while working from home!

Implement Sales Tools

Another excellent way we can help your business is by implementing and leveraging the many sales tools available in Salesforce. These tools will help your business with everything from lead distribution, data enrichment, calendar applications, document storage, eSignatures, and more. For example, Conga Composer is a tool that allows you to merge your CRM data and generate pixel-perfect proposals, quotes, and other vital documents. LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables timely insights on buyers and companies. D&B Optimizer works to enrich your data, giving you access to more professionals, leads, and companies on top of enhancing your company’s existing data. As a Salesforce consultancy, we make sure that your team understands exactly how to use these crucial tools, so they serve your company and help your business sell from home!

Improve Analytics

Did you know that Salesforce is equipped with intricate sales reports? In fact, using the Salesforce dashboard means you can manage your sales pipeline, manage forecasts and quotas, and monitor sales rep activities while also identifying mentoring opportunities. For most typical use-cases, Salesforce out-of-the-box works well, but you can also integrate external BI tools, like Tableau, for advanced and sophisticated reporting. At Arketek, we’ll help your business make the right choice, and we’ll help you set-up and manage your dashboards correctly so that these tools are being used in the best way possible.

Contact Arketek Today

We know that most businesses are looking for a solution during these trying times, that’s why we’re here to help your company get up and running quickly! With Salesforce, your team can work from home using streamlined processes that will help you increase sales and maximize profits! Don’t hesitate to reach out to Arketek today and let us know what issues you’re facing. We’re here to help you sell from home in a way that works for your unique business, so let’s connect!