Salesforce’s AppExchange allows developers and independent software vendors to build apps and sell them, or offer them for free, on Salesforce’s AppExchange platform. Salesforce made AppExchange to provide everything from point solutions to full-blown professional automation apps so businesses can achieve the results they need!

Recently Salesforce added a COVID-19 section to AppExchange, which serves as a dedicated resource center to help companies support employees, customers, and their community during the pandemic. So here’s what you need to know about Salesforce’s AppExchange to help your business:

How it Works

AppExchange apps are classified into three main categories:

– By type (apps, components, Lightning Bolt solutions)

– By product (sales, services, marketing, etc.)

– By industry (government, education, finance, etc.)

You can choose from both managed packages and unmanaged packages.

Managed packages are usually created by Salesforce ISV partners who want to sell and distribute their applications to customers. These packages are built from Salesforce Developer Edition organizations. You can upgrade any managed package, but as a customer, you can’t see or make changes to the Apex code that is part of a managed package.

Unmanaged packages are often used to distribute open-source projects and apps, giving developers the basic building blocks needed for functionality. Unmanaged packages allow developers to build additional functionality on top of it, or make changes to the project depending on their requirements. Once it’s distributed, you can’t upgrade an unmanaged package.

The two primary benefits to using AppExchange products are:

– There’s no need to create functionality from scratch. Download a pre-built solution, which is more secure and comes tested by other users.

– You don’t have to pay any development or maintenance costs because their providers often improve paid apps. All you have to do is spend a little time searching for an existing app and implementing it! However, you can outsource implementation to an expert like Arketek to save time and make sure everything is done correctly the first time.

Now that you know how it works let’s take a closer look at the benefits your company can take advantage of with more than 3,000 apps available on AppExchange.

Apps are Mobile-Ready

When you invest in an app on the AppExchange, it’s built for the future! Most apps are created natively on the Salesforce platform, making them automatically mobile-friendly. These mobile-ready apps work inside the Salesforce1 mobile app so you can access them from anywhere in the world, even in your home office. This allows you to access your CRM from your phone and run your whole business from your phone too!

DIYers will Love Lightning Exchange

Lightning Exchange is for parts of an application or page that you want to build or customize via the Lightning App Builder. The Lightning Components section of the AppExchange empowers you to edit a page without changing the whole application. You can easily add blocks of data or information to customize the page to your unique business needs!

It’s a Trusted Platform

Every app on the AppExchange goes through Salesforces’ rigorous security test. Apps on the AppExchange are pre-installed in Salesforces’ multi-tenant environment on the latest release of Salesforce. They show up in your Salesforce org when you install them, and they’re ready to be configured to your business needs.

Arketek is Here to Help

There are so many incredible apps to help your business maximize profits even during a pandemic! It can be overwhelming to figure out which apps are right for your business, but that’s where Arketek comes in! We can help you determine and implement the perfect AppExchange apps for your company, so you save time and make sure it’s done correctly. Get in touch with us today and let us help your business scale!