Salesforce Shopify Integration

Why Integrate Shopify with Salesforce?

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to eCommerce. Shopify is a full-featured eCommerce site that allows you to start, develop and run a business. It enables a business or a startup to sell anywhere. Business owners can sell wherever their customers are, online, or in-person. However, managing products, variants, inventory, collections, orders, and much more can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. Integrating Shopify Salesforce has significant benefits for your business, it helps your business run more smoothly as it manages all the eCommerce objects in a single application.

Integrating your Shopify to Salesforce is a great investment, it helps you manage a large amount of data all from one app: You’re able to easily manage:

  • Products
  • Variants
  • Location
  • Inventory
  • Collections
  • Orders
  • Draft orders
  • Order fulfillment

This integration seamlessly synchronizes all your data, connects the apps, and configures flexible workflows into time-saving processes. Salesforce Shopify can help you save time by eliminating mundane work, from automating your order process to managing customer data and sales. You’re able to focus on growing your business without wasting time worrying about managing the critical operations.

Integrating Shopify Salesforce is very beneficial for your business. It’s a great investment because it simplifies the business process and allows for quick decision-making. Shopify integration allows a single or several Shopify stores to link clients and client information, optimize order processing, and track sales transactions through Salesforce CRM. Which helps customers have full control over their online and offline stores, as well as their stock and customer service capabilities from a single platform.

A well-implemented Salesforce Shopify integration, give businesses a competitive edge. This integration helps you easily manage a large amount of data that can be analysed to make informed business decisions. Salesforce CRM will help you create accurate customer profiles and analytics using the customized data it collects, such as the number of daily customers, how often they make purchases, at what price, where, and how. Then Salesforce will generate sales outlook reports, alert you when a lead, prospect, or customer induces a process and shows you how they compare with your pre-defined criteria.

Arketek’s Integration Services

Arketek’s consultants and developers have extensive knowledge and experience in CRM, Cloud computing, and Salesforce solutions. We believe that all systems should work together in business. Like fingers on a hand, there should be a seamless data flow between departments, single access for users, and automated data synchronization.  What you get with our services:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your business requirements
  • Integration roadmap design
  • Integration quality assurance
  • Post-delivery support and maintenance

Our Salesforce integration consultants will seamlessly integrate Shopify to Salesforce - helping your business save money and time by building a more effective workflow, increasing productivity, and eliminating unnecessary manual data transfer and the chance of dual entry.

How Shopify Integration will Benefit your Business

Any company no matter the size, can greatly benefit from Shopify Salesforce integration with:

Enhance Marketing Campaigns and Operations: With Shopify Salesforce integration, sales staff receive reports on transactions through automated reporting in real-time. The Marketing team can then easily determine which campaigns are performing well and if the current promotions are a contributing factor.   

 Effective Business Operations: By having your e-Commerce objects on one platform, you can easily sync unlimited inventories, products, collections, and records from single or multiple stores without any hassle and gain valuable information to increase your productivity and enhance your business processes.

Your business will benefit from:

  • Real-time updates on multiple stores
  • Low operational costs as a result of eliminating mundane labour-intensive tasks
  • Many Shopify stores can exist in a single Salesforce CRM
  • Link supplies with just one click

 Multi-Store Sync: You can synchronize multiple Shopify stores from one unified platform. This allows you to easily manage all eCommerce objects, such as multiple inventories from multiple stores in one place. It allows gives you the opportunity to efficiently cross-sell and up-sell your brands. As well as gain an efficient and accurate prediction of future sales and inventory.

Minimize Data Error: Eliminate data errors and the risk of dual entries caused by human error

Enhanced Workflow: Build point-and-click automation that allows your services, applications, and departments to work together, helping your business run more efficiently and effectively.

Improve Customer Engagement: On Salesforce you can store customer data all in one convenient place and use the data to improve your eCommerce marketing strategy, such as personalized email campaigns or better-target promotions. Salesforce will also inform you of inactive subscribers, helping your business set up a re-engagement strategy.

Unified Location for Customer Data: Integration also helps financial planning and analysis, since your accounting team can see incoming payments from clients. Each of your departments has access to reliable, real-time data with Salesforce Shopify integration. Your finance reps can collaborate with your marketing reps to find the highest performing goods and set profit margins for future promotions. This allows your different departments to work together to make informed decisions that align with strategic planning.

Work with us

Our team at Arketek can step in regardless of your stage in the Salesforce-related decision-making process, to provide consultation, solutions and enrich your customer experience. Once you decide to work with us, we take care of end-to-end implementation so you can focus on growing your business. We will help your business get the most from its Salesforce integration investment making it simple to exchange financial information and empower your business to run more smoothly and efficiently.

If keeping customers happy is your top priority, Salesforce services by Arketek is what you need.



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