Salesforce Lightning Scheduler

Why Salesforce Lightning Scheduler?

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler makes it easy to communicate with your customers, build stronger relationships and improve sales performance. Whether you’re onboarding new customers, performing interviews, or running a team-building event, Salesforce Lightning Scheduler will help you schedule all your appointments quickly. This add-on is a great tool with many advanced features to make your life easier.

The Salesforce Lightning Scheduler is a tool every business can benefit from, especially in the new post-pandemic world. It supports location and capacity-controlled booking use cases. To put it simply, your customers can book appointments based on factors like room availability, hours of operation, or resource capacity. It also allows customers to schedule appointments across a variety of different channels. This enhances your visibility so you can assign resources more efficiently, better serve your customers, and deliver consistent experiences across a variety of channels.

Scheduling appointments are mundane time-consuming tasks and not the most efficient use of your time. The Salesforce Lightning Scheduler puts the ability to book appointments directly in the hands of your customers. It makes it easy for any resource or customer to schedule, edit and cancel appointments.

What is Lightning Scheduler?

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler helps you schedule all your meetings quickly and easily. It sets up appointments with Leads and Opportunities in a consistent way across your business, to ensure a uniform customer experience.

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler sets your team up for success by scheduling appointments based on each team member's designated skills at a time that suits everyone. Customers can choose a phone call, video call, or in-person appointment with the most suitable member of your team. Overall, its purpose is to help allocate your resources more efficiently allowing your business to better serve your customers.

Who will it Benefit?

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler is designed to work for a wide range of business types. It is built to be a time-effective product with a wide range of scheduling capabilities. It is available as an add-on product with Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions of Salesforce. While it comes with many benefits, it can be quite time-consuming to set up. Our team is happy to help you with this integration so you can quickly begin seeing the benefits of this great tool and how it can enhance your current Salesforce use.


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