Salesforce Digital Engagement

What is Digital Engagement?

Digital engagement is how companies use their available technologies to deliver great digital interactions to their customers. In today’s social world, there are are so many different ways that customers can engage with brands digitally. They can have one-to-one conversations with you over web chat, mobile (SMS) and even publicly on Twitter and Facebook.

Trying to set these up on your own, can, unfortunately throw quite a few hurdles your way:

  • Each channel has its own credentials, unless you tie it with your entire response system, you will need to staff each channel with a subset of people that hold the credentials. This will cause serious limitations when it comes to responding in the channel, and cause messages to start piling up.
  • Each channel’s data will be siloed (seperated) from the rest of the customer service information. This will make it impossible to accurately measure how many customers you addressed.
  • Each channel may have its own process, causing an inconsistency in customer service across each channel. How are responses handled? Are they being centrally and manually routed to the appropriate expert, does the response need approval before it gets manually communicated back to the customer?

With Salesforce Digital Engagement all these problems are solved.

Why Salesforce Digital Engagement?

With Salesforce Digital Engagement your business can engage customers at the right time across any digital channel to provide a seamless customer service experience. It is a separately licensed service that connects multiple digital channels into one, easy-to-manage platform.

Channels include, but are not limited to:

  • Webchat
  • SMS
  • Social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • WhatsApp

The Salesforce Digital Engagement platform connects to your business’s various accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more, so that incoming messages are automatically created as “tickets” that represent all customer queries. The ticketing system collects all of the customer inquiries, or “tickets” and immediately routes it to the agent with the right skills and availability.

For example, queries containing pre-specified keywords are automatically routed to designated agents based on their skill set. No more worrying about separate staffing for each of your digital communication channels. In addition, “tickets” can follow the same workflow you have set up for your email, website and telephone processes. This means customer service, case management, escalations and Service Level Agreement management can be consistent across all your channels. Your team can work seamlessly to resolve all customer queries without having to juggle multiple channel credentials or worry about the special handling of SMS and Webchat channels.

Digital Engagement allows you to have full visibility of your customer service. It helps you be in every conversation your customers are having in your channels. Having all your service data consolidated into one platform provides immense value not only for reporting but, customer service. Your account manager can monitor conversations across Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Whatspp and Instagram and respond to customers quickly and efficiently. Regardless where the conversation took place, your customer data will be consistent and organized. With Saleforce Digital Engagement, whenever your account manager goes over a customer record, they will have a 360-degree view of the customer.

Our team can help you get a high return on your Salesforce investment and help you expand your customer service capabilities

Salesforce Services For All Projects

Salesforce means many different things to different people depending on your business and what you want to achieve. While Salesforce can work very well “out of the box” for some companies, we believe that undertaking a degree of customization and development will maximize the value businesses receive from their Salesforce investment.

There are so many things you can achieve with Salesforce that you can easily get lost. Business needs vary greatly depending on objectives, budget, scale, and existing knowledge to name a few factors. That is why at Arketek, we offer a comprehensive service package to cover all potential needs you might have. We can help you with bespoke Salesforce development, customization, small tweaks to improve existing systems, and training support for your staff, to help them use Salesforce to its full potential.

Arketek’s consultants and developers have extensive knowledge and experience in CRM, Cloud computing, and Salesforce solutions. Our consulting services are built to support your sales, marketing, and customer service needs. We have many years of experience delivering successful projects across many different business sectors, from small retail businesses with just a few end users to multinational corporations. We help deliver optimum outcomes for small as well as large businesses, helping companies in retail, manufacturing, finance, banking, healthcare, and other industries benefit from Salesforce use. We can take full ownership of a project from start to finish, or act as an impartial advisor to your team and everything else in between.


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