What if there were a way to help your business reopen as quickly as possible while keeping employees, customers, partners, and communities safe and informed? What if you could make data-driven decisions based on trusted real-time information? Well, now you can with Salesforce! Salesforce has created work.com to help mitigate short-term risk and grow your business by adapting to change in this new normal. So let’s take a closer look at how work.com by Salesforce will help your business thrive:

Offer Crisis Support to Customers and Employees

Salesforce has created a brand new Care Solution for Employee and Customer Support, and they’re offering it free for 90 days! This pre-configured solution will help your business quickly launch self-service help centers that come equipped with built-in FAQs and case management. You can also quickly create a crisis communications page that will keep your customers and suppliers informed. Agents can use this one, omnichannel workspace to handle cases, and it can also be used to update and alert employees and customers via SMS notifications. Lastly, this platform offers support using AI-powered bots that work on Chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Keep Customers Engaged and Informed

Social media is a fantastic way to stay connected, particularly in times of crisis. Work.com is helping you communicate efficiently by offering their Social Studio for Social Community Engagement, free for 90 days too! This product helps analyze sentiment, so your business can easily figure out the best way to join the conversation, and it makes it super simple to publish updates to all your social networks. Use this solution to engage your social communities using real-time discussions and become a leader during this uncertain time.

Support the Changing Needs of Manufacturing

Since so many manufacturers are rapidly pivoting to help the global COVID-19 relief effort, Salesforce has created a Care for Manufacturing solution that’s also free for 90 days! This solution is perfect for manufacturers who are adjusting operations or using existing capacity to produce supplies for coronavirus relief. Using this platform, you can develop accurate forecasts and manage demand for your supplies. You can collaborate with partners to improve order schedule and demand visibility. Plus, you can track and manage customer demand, fulfillment prioritization, and orders, making everything seamless and efficient.

Choose from Tons More Features

Other features include the upcoming Workplace Command Center, where you can keep track of return-to-work readiness, make data-driven decisions, and take action. There’s also the Contact Tracing platform to manually track health-related interactions so you can safely and securely minimize the spread of COVID-19. You’ll be able to use the Emergency Response Management ecosystem to allocate health, public sector, or private sector resources and services with more speed and efficacy. The Employee Wellness Assessment will help you survey and assess employee health to determine suitability for returning to work. While the Workforce Reskilling tool will help your team learn new skills using Trailhead and there’s even a Volunteer and Grants Management option that optimizes emergency responsiveness.

Let Arketek Help

At Arketek, it’s our job to help your business continue to function during this uncertain time so you can keep making sales and increasing revenue! As an expert Salesforce consultancy, we can help you implement any of the above solutions so that it fits your unique business needs and provides maximum ROI! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about Salesforce and how we can help your business during coronavirus and beyond!