Great question! Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), like Salesforce, collects and manages customer information and enables businesses to handle a wide range of crucial front-office activities. This includes keeping track of sales processes, customer interactions, lead acquisition, conversion, and marketing. Salesforce helps streamline your operations, resulting in a higher level of sales and customer satisfaction!

A Salesforce Consultancy, like Arketek, is in charge of implementing Salesforce in your remote business, so it’s a smooth and easy transition. With that in mind, let’s dive into how a Salesforce consultancy can help your remote business:

Ensure Your Companies Unique Goals are Met

During this uncertain time, your business is changing. When you work with a Salesforce consultancy like Arketek, you ensure that your company’s specific goals and needs are being met. Arketek will work with you to determine the software implementation process including any custom applications that your newly remote business might need. What’s more, as a Salesforce consultancy, we help you create a more efficient work environment, increase sales, and maximize profits. Our job is to focus on the needs of your remote business, so we can better help you understand the various software solutions available, and help your team reach a clear consensus about which options will work best.

Leverages Experience and Technical Know-How

As a Salesforce consultancy, we have the experience and technical know-how to guide you through any situation that arises during the transition. Whether you need to migrate massive amounts of data from your old software or integrate Salesforce with an ERP software suite, we make sure that the correct steps are taken to prevent data loss or other issues.

Furthermore, a Salesforce consultancy will establish clear milestones that allow you to track the progress of your software implementation. These benchmarks ensure that the implementation of your new CRM is completed on time and stays within your budget. By working with Arketek, your business avoids the potential loss in productivity and revenue that could happen when there are difficulties with the software transition.

Continued Support

During the early stages of using Salesforce, your newly remote team might encounter some challenges. Fortunately, as a Salesforce consultancy, we provide your organization with vital training and support, so all their questions are answered, and the transition to Salesforce is flawless. Our training focuses on several crucial areas, like dashboard setup, Salesforce automation, and project tracking, along with any concerns related to your customized system.

So Why Does My Remote Business Need A Salesforce Consultancy?

During this uncertain time, it’s crucial to have an effective performance management strategy in place. Fortunately, Salesforce is your one-stop-shop! When you use Salesforce in your remote business you help your employees stay focused and motivated! Plus, Salesforce makes it much easier to track an employee’s progress and accomplishments, even when they’re working outside the office.

Let Arketek Help

With Arketek’s help, your team will experience a smooth transition to their new CRM platform and your remote business will benefit from streamlined workflows that improve internal and external communications, boost sales, and maximize profits. We understand that companies are looking for a solution. Our job is to get you up and running quickly so you can continue to work from any location without a loss in sales or productivity. So let’s connect! Contact us and find out how we can help your business with Salesforce.