Remote Workers Are Safe From Coronavirus


Remote Workers Are Safe From Coronavirus


Eighty-one thousand people have been infected with the Coronavirus in more than 40 countries. The virus is causing ripple effects around the world, including a movement to have more people work remotely until health organizations can contain and treat the outbreak. Fortunately, all of Arketek’s team work remotely from the comfort of their home, keeping them safe from the Coronavirus. Not only does this mean your project with Arketek goes on uninterrupted, but there are several more benefits to hiring a remote team. Read on to find out!

Improved Productivity

Since Arketek doesn’t have to shut down an office due to health concerns, its employees remain productive and on track with all their clients’ work. In fact, a survey conducted by Global Workplace Analytics Costs & Benefits found that remote workers in many large companies are actually between 35-40% more productive than employees who work in an office. They also discovered that two-thirds of all the employers who were surveyed reported increased productivity among their remote teams.

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Increased Employee Happiness And Retention

Of course, not being afraid to get sick is one perk to working remotely, and it’s part of why people love telecommuting. Plus, happier employees stay at their jobs for a long time. That means when you work with Arketek you can build a long-term relationship with the team and get to work with people you know and trust. Working remotely allows the team to have a better quality of life by working from wherever they prefer and freeing up more time to spend with friends and family. When you work with happy employees, you’re sure to get higher-quality work from people who genuinely love what they do. Arketek is no exception!

Expands The Talent Pool

Gone are the days of needing to hire and recruit talent from a specific geographical location. That means you have access to expertise you might have never been able to access otherwise. For instance, wherever you’re located in North America, you can work with Arketek! Instead of settling on a potential hire who only meets the job requirements, you can find someone who shares your company’s values and will go above and beyond when hired. What’s more, it’s easier to add diversity to your team when you hire remote workers. Hiring people from different backgrounds can help your company find solutions it may have otherwise missed.

Decreased Overhead Costs Of Business

When you work with a remote team, there’s no need to pass on the extra overhead costs. For example, remote companies like Arketek don’t need to pay to rent an office building or for the utility bills in a physical office location. This means they can pass on their services for a more affordable price.

Work With Arketek's Remote Team Today

If your company is looking to streamline its processes, optimize efficiency in the workplace, and maximize profits, you need to contact Arketek today. Our remote team is here to help you no matter what’s going on in the world! Our Salesforce consultancy experts will help you improve your sales, build better client relationships, and keep the inner workings of your business clean and organized. And there’s no need to worry about the current health situation slowing any of your progress down!

Let us help you redefine what's possible.

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