Is your business making at least $500,000 in revenue? Then you need Salesforce! In today’s digital world, spreadsheets, address books, and Rolodexes just don’t cut it when it comes to keeping track of your customers, vendors, and business operations. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like Salesforce will keep track of everything you need to build fantastic client relationships, increase sales, and maximize profits. But even if you’re sold on using Salesforce, do you need a Salesforce Consultancy to help you implement it? Let’s find out!

You Want to Increase ROI

Even if you can implement Salesforce on your own, it’s still a better idea to hire a Salesforce consultancy to get the work done. Why? Because you’ll ensure the transition gets done within a defined timeline and budget. Plus, your employees can stay focused on their tasks instead of losing valuable time trying to get Salesforce up and running. A Salesforce consultancy, like Arketek, is well versed in the solutions needed for every complex issue making Salesforce easy to set up, customize, and configure. With Arketek, the likelihood of failure is minimal, and our experts provide ongoing support. Ultimately, this leads to a higher ROI for your business.

You Want a CRM That Fits Your Business Like a Glove

Sure, most businesses can invest in a Salesforce CRM and add extra software. The issue is creating a fully-functional and effective CRM platform. Fortunately, a Salesforce consultancy can help your business build a strategic roadmap, and then work with you to figure out where and how this new technology will come into play. This is especially important if you’re transitioning your business from in-office to remote during COVID-19.

You Want Flawless Salesforce User Adoption

Poor Salesforce user adoption prevents you from getting full value out of Salesforce. If your team is recording data on other platforms like Excel or Word, you won’t get the complete picture your business needs. A Salesforce consultancy will help you reach success much faster because they can pinpoint the issues that are preventing your team from fully adopting the new platform.

You Want to Run a Proper Implementation

The worst thing your company can do is to ‘set and forget’ Salesforce. You need ongoing management to get the best results from Salesforce’s dynamic system. When you use a Salesforce consultancy, you get the time, planning, training, and testing needed to make Salesforce a success. Lastly, if your CRM has duplicate records or data gaps, it’s going to spell trouble. A Salesforce consultancy will fix bad data allowing you to achieve the ever-important 360-degree customer view!

Your Remote Business Needs Arketek

Does your remote business need a Salesforce consultancy? The answer is yes! If you want to ensure a smooth transition to a CRM system that fits your unique business needs, with flawless user adoption and maximum ROI, then you need to work with Arketek. Don’t hesitate to contact us today! It’s our job to help your business get up and running quickly during this uncertain time so you can continue to make sales and increase revenue even while working from home.