Salesforce Google Shared Drive Integration

Why You Should Use Google Drive with Salesforce

The Salesforce-Google Drive integration helps Salesforce admins and developers manage files in their org and keep their Salesforce storage costs low. It allows seamless integration of Salesforce files and attachments with Google Drive in real-time. Moreover, it  increases your business’s efficiency by making files more accessible and reduces the risk of file loss. With Salesforce Google Drive integrations users can easily store files externally while having the ability to access them in their business, saving time by avoiding manual tasks that decrease productivity.

Our “product” is the simplest way to link Google Drive files and folders to your Salesforce records and generate contracts, proposals, quotes and invoices from your Salesforce Data.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution where you can backup your files, and keep them safe. It allows you to save files and attachments to Google servers, or cloud and access them anywhere at anytime. It helps businesses easily share and manage files.

Salesforce- Google Drive Integration

Businesses have started implementing Salesforce-Google Drive Integration to simplify their Salesforce file storage. It allows companies to backup their Salesforce files in Google Drive, while freeing up storage space in their org. However, you’re still able to access your Google Drive files within the org.

Integrating Salesforce with Google Drive helps businesses reduce Salesforce storage costs and allows easy file management. For example, if you have a large amount of files in your Salesforce org, you’re forced to pay high storage costs that’s why its beneficial to sync Salesforce files with Google drive. With the integration, you can transfer your files, specifically legacy files that you are simply keeping for record purposes and transfer them to Google Drive to save storage space in your org.

Moreover, whenever a new file is created in your org, it is automatically transferred to your Google Drive folder, so you always have a backup. Of course, you can still view and download these synced files in your Salesforce org.

Key Benefits of Integrating Salesforce Org with Google Drive
  • Real-Time Sync: Any changes made to the synced files can be seen on both the Google Drive and Salesforce platform in real time.
  • Cost Saving: Storing files in Google Drive is much more economical versus Salesforces file storage which has limited space and is expensive.
  • Team Collab: Team members can easily share Salesforce files with each other without having to give away the credentials of said accounts.
  • Security: Integrating Salesforce with Google Drive is completely secure. However it has the added benefit of controls. Admins can customize access controls, which means only specified users can see files. By not allowing everyone access to files, only the users who are entitled to see the files are able to.
  • Increased Efficinency: After the integration, files are automatically synced. You no longer need to manually download them and then transfer them to an external cloud. Saving your team plenty of time by eliminated mundane manual work.
  • Large File Storage: Unlike Salesforce, where you cannot store large size files and documents, on Google Drive, you can store files as big as 50 MB or larger. This eliminates the file size limitations of Salesforce and allows you to take advantage of unlimited storage space.


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Salesforce Services For All Projects

Salesforce means many different things to different people depending on your business and what you want to achieve. While Salesforce can work very well “out of the box” for some companies, we believe that undertaking a degree of customization and development will maximize the value businesses receive from their Salesforce investment.

There are so many things you can achieve with Salesforce that you can easily get lost. Business needs vary greatly depending on objectives, budget, scale, and existing knowledge to name a few factors. That is why at Arketek, we offer a comprehensive service package to cover all potential needs you might have. We can help you with bespoke Salesforce development, customization, small tweaks to improve existing systems, and training support for your staff, to help them use Salesforce to its full potential.

Arketek’s consultants and developers have extensive knowledge and experience in CRM, Cloud computing, and Salesforce solutions. Our consulting services are built to support your sales, marketing, and customer service needs. We have many years of experience delivering successful projects across many different business sectors, from small retail businesses with just a few end users to multinational corporations. We help deliver optimum outcomes for small as well as large businesses, helping companies in retail, manufacturing, finance, banking, healthcare, and other industries benefit from Salesforce use. We can take full ownership of a project from start to finish, or act as an impartial advisor to your team and everything else in between.

Salesforce Consulting

No matter your business size, type, or model, we provide every business with the right solutions customized to your business needs and requirements. We analyze your specific problems or needs and propose the best ways to solve or match them. Our Salesforce Platform Development Services are provided by a team of dedicated and skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry. Our team will partner with your business to understand the history of your operations, your core requirements, and your challenges. We help you find vulnerabilities and loopholes within your platform and recommend the best way to implement Salesforce so you’ll see results and begin benefiting from your investment quickly.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration by Arketek

Salesforce has become the most widely used tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the world due to its large range of features, flexibility, and customizability. Whether you’re a new or existing Salesforce customer, at Arketek our goal is to understand your business processes, vision, and goals so that we can develop a Salesforce system customized just for you. We will perform full business analysis and user “story discovery” before designing and developing your Salesforce software to ensure you get the most out of your Salesforce investment and that it becomes a tool that boosts your efficiency while reducing employee workloads.

Through our platform development services, we can automate different tasks and include different features to efficiently streamline the workflows across your business. We will help you revamp your business’s CRM so it covers all bases, from your sales and marketing department to your financial and community areas.

Our focus is always on best practices and we make sure to follow the design and development principles recommended by Salesforce. We believe this ensures a high level of compatibility with any future changes and new features, allowing you to get immediate benefits as new features are released with little configuration needed.

Arketek’s Integration Services cover Salesforce consulting, configuration, customization, migration, integration, user training, support, and more. Partnering with Arketek means businesses across various industries have an opportunity to:

  • Get a smooth and consistent automated business process that helps you better manage multiples sales territories, products, and services, follow up on prospects, and increase customer satisfaction
  • Enjoy a seamless user experience, that makes working with Salesforce easy and helpful for sales managers, sales reps, customer service managers and agents.

Benefit from a phased approach that provides you with a core solution first and additional functionality rolled out later on. This keeps your project costs under control and gives you a solution as soon as possible.

Salesforce Platform Customization

Every Business faces unique challenges that need to be addressed with customized solutions. Partnering with Arketek means getting creative, innovative Salesforce Maps solutions to meet your business needs and challenges.

Work with us

Our team at Arketek can step in regardless of your stage in the Salesforce-related decision-making process, to provide consultation, solutions and enrich your customer experience. Once you decide to work with us, we take care of end-to-end implementation so you can focus on growing your business. We will help your business get the most from its Salesforce  investment and empower your business to run more smoothly and efficiently.

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If keeping customers happy is your top priority, Salesforce services by Arketek is what you need.

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