Looking to Increase Your Profitability? Here’s How


Looking to Increase Your Profitability? Here's How


If you’re aiming to increase profitability this year (and even this quarter), you need to focus on customer relationships. To manage them as efficiently and effectively as possible, use customer relationship management (CRM) technology. A CRM system can help you connect with your customers better, enhance your company’s performance, and ultimately drive sales through the roof. Let’s take a look at three ways a CRM system will increase your profitability:

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

CRM systems increase your profitability by helping you provide exceptional customer service. For example, did you know that 81% of customers try to resolve issues themselves before they contact a service agent? Using a CRM system can help your customers succeed.

Several organizations have employed fully branded, self-service experiences that help them deflect 50% of cases to useful resources. For example, Adidas is using Einstein bots to resolve customer enquiries using chat windows, without the need for human interaction. Not only does this significantly reduce costs, but it improves customer service in a way that’s likely to see a boost in repeat business.

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Build Long-Term Realtionships

When you have thousands, let alone hundreds of thousands of customers, it can be tricky to know each and every customer’s personal preferences and when to follow up with them. But when you use a CRM system, it’s a breeze.

A CRM platform can host email templates, enable task reminders, and set up phone calls to help you connect with customers faster and easier. You can use your CRM system to record notes about your customer’s goals, challenges, and preferences so you can easily pick up where you left off. Plus, when you understand your customer’s problems and goals, you can recommend appropriate products or services at the right time. With a CRM solution, you’ll also know what your customers have purchased and how they’re using your products or services. This helps you provide the most relevant content and information while increasing opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Boost Emplotee Productivity

Using a CRM means more time for your team to connect with customers and less time wasted on process-heavy tasks. Eliminate manual operations such as searching for contact information or data entry. A CRM system will help you automate several sectors, including sales, service, and marketing. Thus, your employees are free to work on what really matters, spending more time talking to prospective customers and strengthening existing customer relationships. You’ll see your business’ profitability increase in no time!

Learn How We Can Help

Part of increasing your profitability means outsourcing specific tasks to an expert. So, if you’re looking to implement a CRM system and want to see results, get in touch with Arketek today. We are a Salesforce consultancy that helps companies streamline their business. It’s our mission to help improve your business cycle. So, let us know the problems your business faces today and find out how we can help you hit all your profitability goals.

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