Would you like to help your employees learn new skills and hone existing ones while they work from home? What if you could do that in a fun, gamified way? In fact, that’s precisely what you can do using Salesforce’s Trailhead. Trailhead uses gamification, badges, and points to assess skills and illustrate progress. Plus, Trailhead is self-serve and uses engaging, bite-sized content. It’s no surprise you can win customers and grow your business (even in this uncertain time) with Trailhead! But let’s take a closer look at how:

Create a Culture of Learning

Regardless of your team’s background or job role, Trailhead enables your employees to continue building new skills while they work from home. It’s not only about Salesforce technical skills either, but you can allow your staff to learn about everything from public speaking to strategies for successful interviews, and so much more. When you create a culture of learning, you empower your employees to be the best they can be and have the skills they need to win more customers and grow your business no matter where they’re working from!

Keep Your Employees Motivated

Figuring out what motivates your employees will help your business continue it’s momentum while you transition from an office to online. Most people are motivated by autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Using Trailhead is an excellent way to motivate your employees. It allows them to learn autonomously at their own pace. It’s also an ideal way for your team to master their skills and feel like they’re doing their best work. Plus, your employees will feel like they’re working towards something and have a sense of purpose during this trying time. Trailhead’s gamification and rewards system is another bonus that’ll keep your team motivated! All of this contributes to better workflow, and you’ll see a measurable impact and a genuine difference in winning new customers and growing your business from home.

Supercharge Onboarding and Productivity

Trailhead makes it easy to get your team up and running fast by making sure they have everything they need from day one. You can use MyTrailhead to build custom Trailmixes made up of content specific to your company. You can also use existing Trailhead badges and external sources such as videos, slides, and PDFs to go with your customized content – and it’s all in one easy to follow learning path. With Trailhead, you can turn best practices and role-specific training into customized learning that allows your remote staff to work faster and smarter. With simple onboarding and increased productivity, you’re sure to win new customers and see your business scale!

Let Arketek Help

It’s no surprise that a recent study found that employees who spend more than 5 hours a week building their knowledge are 39% more productive, 47% less stressed, and 21% happier. Now more than ever, you should be implementing Trailhead in your business today.

If you’re looking to win customers and grow your business, contact Arketek! We’re a Salesforce consultancy in Montreal that specializes in helping companies empower their teams to work from home, using Salesforce. We’ve created a streamlined process to help you get up and running quickly, and give you the solution your business needs during these trying times. So get in touch and tell us what issues your company faces and find out how we can help!