Arketek is pleased to announce that we’re now a Conga partner! So what does Conga Composer do, and how will that transform your business processes? Read on to find out!

What Does Conga Composer Do?

Conga Composer creates and delivers polished documents, presentations, and reports from Salesforce! The best part? It makes it super easy by automatically populating richly-formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object. With Conga Composer, you can produce pixel-perfect rich documents such as quotes, invoices, and contracts! It’s no wonder Conga is one of the best selling apps on Salesforce’s AppExchange platform!

Create with Conga Composer

Not only does Conga Composer use your Salesforce data to produce essential documents, but it allows you to place a custom button or link anywhere on the page layout, which gives you instant access to all its fields. Salesforce reports or SOQL queries can retrieve the data you need from as many as 50 other objects or lists! With this data, you can use Conga Composer to build richly-formatted templates that are entirely customizable to suit all your unique business needs. In addition to quickly accessing vital data, fields are mapped directly to your template, and the integrated template manager keeps them in Salesforce making it easy for users to select predefined routines. This gives you flexible, personal templates with consistent results every time.

Use Conga Composer to Distribute

Conga Composer also gives you several excellent options for downloading, storing, and delivering your documents, including:

– Immediate download

– Directly saving documents in Salesforce, Google Drive, or SpringCM

– Automatically emailing them

– Sending them for eSignature

What’s more, you can create documents, presentations, and reports from your web browser or mobile device! Use Conga Composer to create completed tasks, instantly update fields, assign follow-up tasks to your team, and save everything in Salesforce. Conga Composer is all about seamless delivery, whether you’re emailing invoices to clients, posting quarterly reports to Chatter, or sending our contracts that need an eSignature. With the easy-to-use- Conga Composer, you’ll also get rid of human error and boost overall productivity!

Conga Composer Lets You Automate

Don’t just produce and deliver documents, automate your business processes! Conga Composer employs parameters to control the behaviour of your Composer button, making the user experience flawless. You can preselect up to 10 templates that will produce one or more output files, and you can use parameters to restrict options in the user interface or allow background mode to bypass it entirely. Transform complex tasks into single button clicks with the ability to predefine everything from templates and email recipients to activity logging and output file storage! Conga Composer also helps you address countless use cases with a single application, making it better for user adoption! You can produce thousands of documents a day without the need for more employees!

Arketek is a Proud Conga Partner

As a Conga partner, Arketek is here to help! We can implement Conga Composer for you and help your team get it up and running! When you work with us, you’ll ensure a flawless transition while freeing up time for your employees to stay focused on their tasks. So what are you waiting for? Contact Arketek today and see the results your business needs with Conga!