Are you looking to boost worker engagement while your team works from home? Factors including inflexible working hours, too many long meetings, and endless administration tasks contribute to a decline in worker engagement as well as productivity. So if you want to solve these problems, you need Salesforce. Here’s why:


Did you know that by using Salesforce’s Trailhead, you can create a customized environment with your own content and branding to help your staff with everything from onboarding to company-specific skills? Trailhead is a fantastic way to boost worker engagement because it allows you to make a profile for each of your employees that shows their Trailhead earned badges, points accumulated, and skills learned. Trailhead employs a rewards and ranking system that makes learning and career advancement fun.

You can also use Trail Tracker to let your team see their achievements and see how they compare with their peers using gamified leaderboards. Plus, managers can test employees using Trail Checker by building interactive challenges such as stand-and-deliver, quizzes, and hands-on challenges that are designed to assess skills. With these great gamification options, you’re sure to see a boost in worker engagement and productivity! And the best part? Salesforce’s Trailhead works with the cloud so your team has access to everything they need to stay engaged no matter where they’re working from!

In-Depth Productivity Profiles

Another excellent way to boost employee engagement while your team works from home is to use Salesforce’s productivity profiles. You can use Salesforce’s CRM data to give your workers detailed feedback, identify areas with issues, and use the built-in coaching tools to make sure all of your staff are on the same page. This will help your team increase productivity and remain engaged during this uncertain time.

Automation and Collaboration

Not only does Salesforce provide advanced automation it also improves collaborative selling. For example, Salesforces offers solutions that help with the majority of time-consuming administrative tasks for all departments. Things like scheduling, employee onboarding, sales tracking, data analysis, customer service, and more can all be automated with Salesforce. Moreover, Salesforce enhances collaboration, decreasing the need for additional meetings – perfect for working remotely. When you take into consideration that 47% of employees complain that meetings are the number one biggest time-waster, this is crucial to boosting engagement and seeing an increase in productivity!

You can also use Salesforce to create an open channel of communication between departments, which will streamline your sales process and guarantee greater customer success. In fact, 60% of sales professionals say that collaborative selling has increased productivity by more than 25%, and over half say that it works to increase pipeline completion too!

Invest in the Right Tools Today

So if you’re looking to boost worker engagement and increase productivity while working remotely, there’s no doubt Salesforce is the way to go! Plus, it doesn’t have to be complicated because Arketek is here to help! As a Salesforce consultancy, our team will help your business develop smart solutions to work from home and strengthen the relationship you have with your customers. Even during this uncertain time, we’re here to help you maximize your profits. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with Arketek today and see how we can work together to boost employee engagement and get the results you need.