Did you know Salesforce certifications are some of the most sought-after certificates when it comes to both sales and IT? There are several Salesforce certifications, including Administrators, App Builders, Architects, Developers, and more. Each of these certifications require that you take the initial certification exam and then yearly product update exams, so your knowledge stays current. Although it requires time and effort, Salesforce certifications are worth it! Here’s why:


Often, people who take Salesforce certification exams already have two to three years of experience. However, experience means you know how to do something, but it doesn’t always mean you know the best way to do it. Obtaining a Salesforce certification means you’ll need to go through some pretty extensive testing. But, along the way, you will learn so much! For example, each exam has a Trailhead Trail Mix to help you prepare. While studying these guides, you can learn all about features you may have only heard about in passing. Plus, Salesforce is continuously changing and updating, so knowledge about the latest features is essential. You will need to learn about recent updates, which you will be tested on during your required maintenance exams, approximately three times per year.

Career Growth

Although you may know the skills you have, since you use them daily at work, potential employers have a harder time quantifying your list of skills on your resume. That’s where a Salesforce certification can really help! It shows that you have proven knowledge of the platform, and you can use this knowledge in a defined way that companies can compare against other employees or candidates. In fact, according to PayScale.com, Salesforce Certified Administrators can make between $40,000 and $100,000 per year, based on education and experience levels. But the average salary for certified developers can climb even higher because the certification process lets businesses benchmark your skills against other potential candidates.


A Salesforce certification adds to your credibility and makes you look more competent. The main point of a Salesforce certification is that you’re vetted by Salesforce. Thus, when applying for projects, you look credible to your prospects, and you demonstrate a level of commitment that shows you are serious about the Salesforce ecosystem. It also shows that you know your stuff, and you’re better at implementing your knowledge correctly. In short, a Salesforce certification proves that you have more expertise.

Arketek Can Help

Salesforce certifications demand a significant investment in time and money. Although this investment can pay off, you can also opt to outsource your Salesforce needs to a certified team like Arketek. We help your reps move from lead to cash quickly and more intelligently by streamlining your sales process through a personalized experience. Our team is Salesforce certified, so we understand industry best practices that will enable your business to accelerate its productivity from anywhere, at any time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and start maximizing your profits with Arketek and Salesforce.